Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: Intuitive Studies a complete course in Mediumship

I’ve always been fascinated by Mediumship; often wondering about the hows and whys of it all. I think the biggest question I had was “where does their information come from and how exactly does it come to them?”  My fascination has grown after reading this book. For anyone who, much like myself, has found themselves to be intrigued by such things, “Intuitive studies: A complete course in Mediumship” breaks down the process in a simple and comprehensive way. I wasn’t sure how easy of a read it would be for me, or even how much I would enjoy it considering this is the first book I’ve ever read on topic but as I closed the book, I was pretty convinced that it most certainly wouldn’t be the last that one I’d ever dig into. I had been won over! Gordon Smith provides the steps in such a clear and concise way.  It became quite apparent to me that this may just be something that anyone who is sensitive, intuitive and open to it will be able to develop within themselves. The book is written with the intent of guiding you through the motions whilst recounting the story of one man’s journey on his personal path to intuitive development...

What stood out the most to me as a reader was how I began to naturally feel compelled to try this for myself. I realized that a big part of the process is being able to sit in stillness, free from all thoughts and becoming familiar with what your own being feels like. As someone who is relatively new to this idea, I appreciated Gordon’s insistence that in order to maintain the integrity of the practice, over time, one must exercise each step in order to develop as a Medium. This book was by no means written with the intention of it being a crash course in Mediumship. I am no more a medium after reading it than I was before reading it. The mastery of any undertaking requires a persistent effort and Smith explained that it is no different with this process

What was quite profound was the realization that a lot of the 19 exercises could hugely benefit anyone who is simply looking to learn how to still their mind, perhaps find a little more balance within themselves, and develop their own intuition with the intent of healing their own being. 

My collection of books clapped and cheered when ‘Intuitive Studies’ joined them on my shelf!

Hear Ye Hear Ye, I received this book from Hay House for reviewing purposes. Please note that the opinions and views expressed in this post are based on my personal perceptions as a reader. I was not financially compensated to write this review. 

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