Sunday, December 2, 2012

Attention: This is Operation Hope in a Ziploc! Please Share!

Recently, I have been floating on cloud gratitude thanks to the wonderful support system I have in my life. I am truly blessed. I sat down with a cup of tea the other day- it was cold out but my house was toasty; it was quiet and I was alone with my thoughts. I started thinking about what my options would have been in my lifetime had it not been for the many wonderful people who surround me; people who they themselves mirror out as beautiful gifts. I was humbled when I thought of where my family might be if we weren’t so lovingly surrounded and supported because the truth is, there are so many people who do not have the kind of support I am so fortunate to have.  

I’ve realized that I want my children to understand that life can be very bleak when you stand alone without a community. I want them to grow up sensitive to it and appreciate those who stand with them without expectation. I want to teach my kids that they have the power within their little being too grow up honoring such a priceless community, but respecting that during their time here, it is their responsibility to always pay it forward. I want to show my children what that looks like by being an example they will one day be proud to have learned all of this from. I want them to believe that hope is never lost and the world itself is nothing short of a miracle. I want them to believe right down to their core that people are always a worthwhile investment and humanity is a beautiful thing as long as you are contributing to its beauty. I want them to understand what the holidays are really about, but more importantly, I want them to understand what every day is about...

I’m setting my intentions and taking another step toward being that example for them. As this is all about hope, I, myself am hoping to reach out and help someone - someone who may really need it right now, someone who may not be as fortunate as I am in when it comes to having a beautiful support system.

This is ‘Operation Hope in a Ziploc’

My plan was to leave a Ziploc bag in some random place around town; in the bag is 10$, a signed Christmas card and a letter explaining that I hope that my care package will be found by someone who needs it more than I do.

I had to fight the urge to forget this whole idea when my brain wanted to convince me that 10$ was a joke…but then I thought about certain times in my life where finding 10$ lying around as though it was meant for me would have been nothing less than a miracle.

Included in the letter is an open invitation to anyone who might find the Ziploc to take a minute and assess their life, if they feel that someone else would benefit from it more that they would, I asked them to contribute alongside with me, adding whatever amount they could to the bag, signing the Christmas card and leaving the Ziploc for someone else to find. My intention was to build a little community of gracious neighboring folks right there in that bag; a small group of thoughtful people who may bring someone the hope and comfort they might so desperately be needing right now. 

I started really thinking this through. One of my girlfriends has jumped on board with every fiber of her gorgeous heart and she will be dropping her own Ziploc!  I’ve decided to share this online for anyone who feels they want to pay it forward right along with me.
I’m asking that you share this message and pass it along to the people in your life! We are limitless in connection and communication thanks to the internet, please help me take advantage of it!

If you wish to start your own bag all you will need is a printer, 10$, a Christmas card, a pencil you’re willing to part with, a large Ziploc bag and an open heart!
I’ve included pictures of the contents of my Ziploc, as well as a link to the printable letter and tracking tabs!

If this intention works the way I hope it will, I promise to post any follow ups I receive right onto my facebook! I’m hoping there will be people who take the time during this busy season to share their story, their pictures, or let us all know where they’ve found a bag and where they’ve left it!

Let’s make it snow Hope in Ziplocs this Christmas!


Jen xo

‘Operation Hope in a Ziploc’ is a ten dollar, yet priceless Christmas gift for my children; one they cannot outgrow! Merry Christmas Brandon and Emma! I am still growing right along with you, my loves! Never hesitate to be the change you wish to see in the world! I love you both in endless amounts xo   


Be a part of this and make your own Ziploc! 
Here are the printable links to the letter and tabs

Hope in a Ziploc tracking tabs


 Feel free to send me pictures of your bags before they go off and do what they're intended to do!!! 

  Original Location Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada

                                                Original Location- Taunton, MA, USA    

                                          Original Location- Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

                                             Original Location- Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada

           (This Ziploc is extra special; it belongs to a small child who has donated 10$ of his own

          money to be a part of Operation Hope in a Ziploc! This is his Ziploc! Thank You Monkey!)

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