Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Random Journal Excerpt on Raising a Woman

"I have zero idea how to raise her in this world to withstand, or better yet, rise above pressures. I have no idea how to teach her that pressure is a form of manipulation-and manipulation is always a form of abuse. 

How do I instill in her an unshakable knowing that she is sole proprietor of every aspect of who she is; a powerful proprietorship she should never give away? I fear that one day someone will come along and steal from her- from her body, from her heart, from her worth and I can feel my chest constrict at the mere thought of it. 

I am angry that we are still living in a world that perpetually pours responsibility on victims for having become victims in the first place; angry that on some level victims are expected to quietly pretend to be whole for the sake of everyone else’s comfort- even when sacred boundaries have been crossed- even when the victim has no idea how to live outside blurred lines. 

Every woman is someone’s child. I've always been passionate, but I find myself becoming fiercely passionate because she's a part of this world now. A piece of my soul walks around outside my body and if that’s not worth a devotion to speaking out and standing up then I’d have concerns that absolutely nothing in this world is worth much."

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