Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What my Journal Sometimes Looks Like

Dear Self,

If you cannot offer another your acceptance, then offer a basic respect for another human being, or nothing at all. Do not for one second believe that your mere tolerance is of any real value to another person. It’s not some grand privileged that should be bestowed upon anyone as the least I am able to give them. 

To tolerate is to throw scraps down from the table of self-perceived hierarchy. It’s often dripping in conceit and silent hostility while monopolizing the fundamental respect. To tolerate, is to claim blindness to anything other than my own self-righteous opinions & judgement. It offers nothing other than the message that at best, all I am capable of is a second-rate effort at haphazardly containing the urge to release my agitation and disapproval in their direction. Nothing more.

To be tolerated has never been anyone’s deepest desire; no one has ever acted in any way with the intention of seeking social tolerance. What makes you think that by tolerating someone, you're doing them a favor? What a way to shortchange the person that you really are. You are not better than them, but you are better than this.
Love, Self

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