Thursday, September 4, 2014

The 5 a.m Club

I've become absolutely sidetracked in the past year and a half. Wanting to taste a little of all my life's possibilities has done a number on my ability to focus on any of them in a productive way. My concentration has absolutely plummeted and to be honest, I didn't have much to spare from the get go...

A while back I dropped the ball on my sacred morning routine of waking up before everyone else to get in a solid workout. Nothing wakes the body yet stills the mind quite like exercise. My mornings were a whole process really-- drink copious amounts of water, take vitamins, exercise, enjoy a hot shower without anyone banging on the door  (Side Note: it's absolutely glorious, I highly recommend it. It's almost as glorious as peeing without someone banging on the door, which I also got to do!) I'd do my hair, put on some mascara and gloss, get dressed and then have a quiet cup of coffee while I journaled...

By the time I woke the kids up for breakfast, I had already accomplished what most moms struggle to find the time for in a week. By 7 am I was most definitely humming Chariots of Fire and feeling certain that wearing a cape of some kind was now in order.

When I first thought of establishing such routine a few years back, 5 o'clock sounded hideous and ungodly.

Let's be clear, that's because... it is.

I foresaw a new alarm clock in the future... possibly every couple of days...

Not going to lie, waking up was hard, especially during the winter months. Staring at the time was in fact a gut wrenching sensation which morning after morning confirmed to me that I was right... it really was quite hideous. Nonetheless, it quickly became my favorite part of the day since it wasn't about the time, but rather, how I was spending that time.

Unfortunately, like many of us, when my life got busy I compensated by giving up the time I spent on myself. It started with my morning routine but eventually it seeped into other areas as well until I had returned to that place where my life once again became about everyone else.

I'm realizing now it's pointless to have given it all up since I can't freaking F.O.C.U.S without it!  

The truth is, I need that time-- I need that care. My ability to concentrate on everything and everyone else largely depends on my commitment to concentrating on myself first things first....

I'm thinking 5 am tomorrow sounds a lot like 'first things first' to me.

Start small, start somewhere...

Even if. 

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