Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Mother's Worth

You are the most beautiful being in your little girl’s eyes. She doesn’t see what you see. She sees what she sees. She wants to be you; she wants to have what you have, and do what you do. 

You could never be more beautiful than you are to her.

She looks at you, and all she sees is the tender perfection that she hopes to grow into.

Untainted eyes see the orchard of comfort that you are—she comes to you because you, in all your glory, are her heart center.

Your arms are a haven, your words are a podium, you’re touch is her healing.

You, to her, are nothing short of miraculous and she is nothing short of blessed to have you.

Do you see what she sees?

Do you reaffirm her opinions every single day?

Do you show her a woman who shares her perception, or do you show your little girl a woman who is tainting the purest depiction of who you really are?

Are you denying the one person who has ever really seen you at your truest?

She hears what you told her about the girls who said mean things about her in the school yard. She listened to that advice…and then she heard you say mean things about yourself.

You broke her heart, by breaking your own.

You told her that it’s on the inside that counts. But she sees you measure your worth on a scale every morning.

You broke her worth, by breaking your own.

You told her she could do anything she wants to do and be anything she wants to be. You on the other hand “have to be a little more realistic”

You broke her dreams, by breaking your own.

Is your daughter going to be a woman who loves herself and knows her worth?

Are you a woman who loves herself and knows her worth?

Tread gently because she's always listening; tread gently because so are you.

“A Mother who radiates self-love and self-acceptance actually VACCINATES her daughter against low self-esteem. ” ― Naomi Wolf

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