Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Are you the most steadfast participant in your own support system?...If not, why is that?

In order to be able to let go and move on, it is crucial that you don’t stagnate while trying to avoid reminders of how you have royally screwed up. Stagnation and avoidance is not the answer- but perhaps reassessing those in your life who don’t let you forget your past, is. This includes a personal assessment of how you are supporting yourself. 

This brings me to my next point.

In life, we need a support system, not a damn jury.
Don’t over think that statement; it’s simpler than we often allow it to be.
A true support system isn’t blind to your faults and I assure you they are pretty clever at knowing when you have erred; the difference between a jury and a support system is that your supporters don’t stand over you with their hands on their hips after you’ve wiped out; your supporters are active participants in helping you help yourself back up. They don’t try to fix you, and they don’t feel the need to point out your life-flops; they know you’ve got that shit handled.

A telltale sign that you have built yourself a jury instead of a support system is that you live your life as though you are constantly waiting for your sentence hearing; you may even be surrounded by people who treat you as though it’s their job to hold the gavel at your trial. Guess what? If they’ve got the damn thing, it’s because you handed it to them in the first place.

Take. It. Back.    

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