Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life lesson recently learned: Happy Travels

Life lesson recently learned:

Love and joy lives in the practice, the creation and the process-- it's not something that waits for you at a finish line. 

Happy lives don't wait for us in a desired outcome.

If you're not finding a sustainable and palpable love and joy along your way to a desired outcome, you will not find it upon reaching your destination... no matter how good it may feel to momentarily settle where you have landed.

I think this is why so many of us are unsatisfied. We're so distracted by the should be's, could be's, and ought to be's; we're numb to what we really want.

I think our deepest desired feelings are the best guide we could ever follow when it comes to living the life we're meant for, but we have to be willing to acknowledge that they exist and do something with them.

I think what most of us want is a fulfilling 'journey' with random exciting pit stops along the way; not some mundane and treacherous path with mediocre outcomes that could be considered okayish given the circumstances.

I'm so sure of this I can almost guarantee it.

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